Christian Louboutin Coroclic 140mm wedge

18 Jul

Garden parties, wedding invitations, and outdoor socializing opportunities means that you’ll need a special collection of fancy footwear for the remainder of the summer. As you know, not every cheap christian  loubboutin  shoe will do when it comes to tromping around in the grass. These shoes won’t sink and leave you stranded.

Turf-Resistant Heels
These Christian Louboutin Coroclic 140mm wedge  are wide enough and balanced enough to wear on grass, and they won’t sink into the ground when it’s soft or wet. Shoes that stay balanced in grass can’t have a tapered heel stem; instead, they’re better with platforms.

Michael Kors Platforms: A thick platform provides a stable setting for outdoor events. These louboutin shoe be picked up in dark brown, which means that you won’t need to worry about grass stains or mud splatters on your new shoes.

Cole Haan Platform Wedges: christian louboutin shoes were our choice due to their lean silhouette and slightly lower platform. Simple and sophisticated, they have a textured upper strap and have a clean-finish platform.


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