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16 Jul

Man and has two sister-in-law, his wife have sex charges rape. The police investigation found that fujian dehua two sister-in-law is voluntary behavior, are suspected of rape behavior is not established. But waiting for the man’s is the social ethics condemned.
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32 years old, o daughter ping 14 took sister, red and lotus came to (jiangxi) dehua county public security bureau criminal investigation brigade dragon, says to accuse invertors squadron husband strong raped her two younger sisters. Ping said, strong, in three years ago while her the chance to travel raped at that time at the age of 19, red, and two younger sister in the course of the next three years developing looking for opportunities to force and have sex. O red In march this year, strong and raped three younger sister lotus.
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The police feel immediately to the gravity of the situation, the two sister o ping know the situation, but found that two sister remarkably calm mood. Then, the police will be strong summoned to squadron review. Facing the police asked, strong says two sister-in-law is voluntary and he has a relationship. Police investigation of comprehensive increase the two sisters thought work dynamics. Finally, red and lotus, separately to police to tell the secrets.
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Originally, strong, and to the two after the ping of indifference very good, often buy some gifts to them, two sisters to gradually, the brother-in-law was attracted. Three years ago a day, strong first happened, and red, after the event, although red relationship is very sorry, but identification with the manolo blahnik brother-in-law of her possession and, later, my brother-in-law and keep relationship. And three younger sister lotus to brother-in-law and there have been some strange feelings, when a month ago with her brother-in-law to a relationship, she is also’s half yield.
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O husband and two found ping sister of Aaron love not, she did not believe my own sister will and her husband could happen so dirty, believed to be the husband strong force have their, and then the two sister hard to report to public security organs. Although the two sister very reluctant to brother-in-law sent to prison, but considering the elder sister is suffer the most, in order to get the elder sister of the understanding, agreed to and elder sister to report a case.


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