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16 Jul

12 year old daughter being raped the mental disorders (has), to please his father lost claims by the criminal suspect and family members, and then the wounded because of “suspected of harm blame” arrested. More than 90 years old grandmother so be “grieve”. After half a year, because the fact is not clear, insufficient evidence was released, has become a father of mental patients he won the office of kaifeng city public security bureau jinming 240000 yuan compensation, and was asked to “in any way, must not again to appeal put forward any criminal and civil requirements”. So far, the man’s sister in running around, looking for the niece, madness side for younger brother, begging for a side view.
In November 2003, at the age of 12 discontent kaifeng girl WuSu (a pseudonym) in ZhongMouXian LangChengGangZhen a school is martial arts coaches wang feng, drop out after violence back home. Wang feng’s wife, the intercept victims everywhere best insult and abuse, WuSu therefore have experienced mental illness; WuSu father wu to families with the sea wang feng for claims, a dispute with suspicion by police in custody, because of the fact that after judged not clear or the evidence is insufficient is released, but so suffering from a mental illness. As the home of wu xiao with sea lost all labor ability, wu Sue 90 year old grandmother also flay bedridden, soon died.
In 2005, ZhongMouXian court in the victim had no knowledge of the case, the criminal judgments on this case.
“Clearly my brother home is the victim, to find the reasons things out the family members when wang feng my brother was wounded, kaifeng jinming enterprise was sentenced to public security bureau suspected of damage.” my brother Speaking of this matter, with the sea at the age of 60 wu sister wu beauty tears with cross.
According to information, wu beauty of the harp with brother wu is disabled veterans from troops back to kaifeng city suburb, rice township north and south, with the local village dike after a teacher was married. In the four years old daughter wu Sue, with the sea, his wife wu laid off immediately and he was divorced. With the pull children in wu at the same time, take care of her old mother.
In 2003, WuSu was sent to ZhongMouXian a primary school in November, in school was martial arts coach wang feng violence. According to information, wang feng was the girl of the WuSu damage more than a man. wholesale soccer shoes
Wang feng was sentenced to life in prison, the lover ZhaoYuanYuan sentenced to shoot a husband WuSu, the DuoCi in the market, the street and person many of the place, WuSu to insult and abuses.
Mr Wu beauty Kim said, from that, WuSu changed. In the middle of her will suddenly shouted into the bed in the house during the day the drilling, reading a book she would suddenly under the table. Slowly began to the life cannot provide for oneself, often in his pants, urine bed. With the sea seek ZhaoYuanYuan reasons things out the wu, and their families had an argument, and at the time of the public wholesale soccer boots security bureau of kaifeng city suburb enterprise will with the sea, then wu detained arrested half a year, after prison has gone from a normal person become all lose labor ability of mental patients, their daughter also soon being diagnosed with the reaction of mental illness.
In 2007, WuSu missing, “that is when I feel tore heart crack lung of pain,” according to wu beauty, niece after getting lost harp speak to friends, she borrowed some money, and, with the younger brother wu have experienced mental illness with the sea, travel the country many places looking for WuSu niece, “my mother dying 93, and her full of grievances, dead also didn’t close my eyes, I said to her, must give oneself the home for a balance”.
“Public soccer cleats discount store security bureau internal someone in malpractices for personal gain, will my brother grasp into half a year, let my brother became psychotic,” woo beauty Kim said, if a mental patient brother didn’t, her niece will not lose, the family also won’t become now that situation.
The DuoCi reflect, in March 2010, the public security bureau in jinming enterprise and kaifeng city with Football Boots the sea and wu wu beauty and family members with signed an agreement, this agreement shows: “the complainant with suspected ShangHaiAn intentionally wu of the original suburbs people’s procuratorate (cash Ming area people’s procuratorate), because the facts don’t approve arrest qing, insufficient evidence is released… in line with the utmost reduces not harmonious factors, actively constructing the harmonious society, the aim of the decision, one-time give with sea economic aid ErShe wu poured ten thousand yuan, with the sea, Christian Louboutins wu wu beauty and their family members to harp not with the sea intentionally hurt a wu case and WuSu being raped, an execution grounds in compensation in any way, must not again to appeal put forward any criminal and civil requirements.”
“This agreement is not we intend, points to my brother now more than 40 years old, every year living in kaifeng mental hospitals are to spend a lot of money, compensation fund is far from enough, but also cause my brother have to psychiatric individual case should be breaking the law for police, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility”, wu beauty Kim said, an official must have a sense of justice, she believe oneself the home suffer injustices law will give a fair answer!!!!!
According to information, police in “unfair agreement of compensation 240000 yuan, even the girl’s medical treatment didn’t spend enough, would have gone,” in the past few years, with the high price of wu the medical costs are in a little bit of beauty wu harp around to borrow money supply. Wu of the sea of girls, with his neighbour brought were “MieMen” wu to the situation of most all of them were tearful, in an interview with this net individuals with: “god zha don’t open your eyes to the poor, poor……”

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