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16 Jul

Hong Kong youth uniform group chief executive, unit 27 transportation company, proprietor of years only 13, sister-in-law heart, while pregnant start a second child wife returns to the rest room, BaoMei ShangXiaJiShou, and more in camps after successively and honour guard training before trying to rape of indifference. The judge refers to the defendant for hard work to advance the young, but of indifference to good faith, 30, in violation of the double jailed him six and a half years in prison.
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Yesterday when the defense with the letters from the accused family, 28 before the principal, the uniform group of students with letter. And for the BaoMei violations, the accused by her husband and his wife, the defense is to show she has to forgive the defendant. The judge sentenced, said the defendant will make good use of time to study, in the future the family repair and positive relationship with face life.
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The defendant’s psychological report refers to his no abnormal sexual orientation, but don’t understand proper handling, repeating the chance to low sexual desire. The judge points out, the defendant as members of the elder and group chief executive, is in violation of the good faith, the case of double seriously.
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Case points out, the defendant wife in 2008 summer have a second child, and that BaoMei came to help look after more than a year old, the eldest daughter to wife return to room to sleep early and stay in the sitting room of the accused of indifference to all.
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But last may, the defendant for its youth group held a uniform for three days the activities of indifference, 2 night also participate in, when she to the cabin life raft played video games, then found that people who sleep after touching his chest and trying to rape, first because of insufficient light ChristianLouboutinshoes cannot recognize each other, but each other after wantonly lust said: “your sister is looking for you,” sister-in-law impressively recognize brother-in-law voice. About three months later, sister-in-law to the headquarters of the uniform groups to participate in military training, the defendant excuse of indifference to enjoy air conditioning, leave her office to embrace her, the secretary trying to rape, sister-in-law strove against and make a dash for the door, to November last year to school social work disclosure infringement and expose the case after


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