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16 Jul

On August 22, 2002, LinZeng countries to wenzhou real estate company name, and some sign “commodity house business contract”, will be no. 2 plot building in a house (that is, now, o LouBao wing the “house”) to sell some 23.686 million yuan, total house. Then, no. 2 plot construction plan according to the hotel to the design of adjustment.
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After signing the contract, pay some of wenzhou city real estate company purchase 23 million yuan, both sides has not settle accounts. The second half of 2001 to early 2005, thank LinZeng countries for some help, has LinZeng countries to move, borrow, son go abroad, etc, to name for $170000 cash, and sends famous brand shop card five tickets amounted to RMB 26800.
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National damaged nearly 14 million yuan
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Because of commercial houses without authorization, there were 117 homes sold so far is the YingYeFang have not been set, cause was CaQianHu DuoCi mass appeal, and at the same time, lead to countries suffered heavy losses. From September 1, 2002, calculation until June 30, 2007 check, wenzhou real estate company shall pay the evacuees to 9757411.34 yuan, overdue evacuees to 2280885.08 yuan, 1556118.40 yuan, total liquidated damages nearly 14 million yuan.
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In June of last year, wenzhou lucheng district court to abuse their power to sin, taking bribes sentenced to 13 years in prison LinZeng state-owned period, recovered the illegal gains. In may this year, wenzhou intermediate court is the final determination LinZeng countries to wenzhou real estate company name with a weekend “commodity house purchase contract shall be invalid, zhou will now for” the o LouBao wing house “return of the houses of wenzhou real estate company, wenzhou real estate company return is some $23 million purchase.
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Zhou’s procuratorate, knowing that some 2 plot to the buildings on the ground is CaQianHu business houses, and land, planning and other procedures incomplete, no commodity house opens to booking a card, still cheap coach handbags DuoCi sent to LinZeng countries buy, the behavior requirements property belongs to “seek illegitimate interests”, make heavy losses to the interests of the state, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by some crime, hence this month to 21, the prosecution.

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