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16 Jul

No watermelon summer is not complete, “cool and refreshing and sweet watermelon is the best season is tasted, but if the QuShu bought this watermelon, is not only cannot QuShu still more fire? The reporter sees, this picture was” cut open the watermelon, I cried “pictures on the network are widespread.
In the blog, adidas soccer shoes Outlet a with the image of the micro bo “just bought a watermelon, I won’t pick, the boss said that if not ripe can change. Take it home, cooked is ripe cut, but nobody told the TM I watermelon skin would be so thick it.” Be hundreds of thousands of people forward. Among them, the net friend comments is quite interesting, some doubt what is this new varieties, some doubt is has used theripener, and suggested that “even the skin eaten, cold or pack dumpling, are cheaper than cucumber.” And not a few net friend hope to verification authenticity, “than the melon; just thick and will won’t have a problem ah, don’t make clear, won’t eat watermelon.” Nike CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly III
Experts say not seen so thick skin
“See the thick skin, but have never seen so thick skin.” The researchers XuJinHua province academy in finished image said he is the first to see on the picture so thick skin watermelon. “Have seen in the past, the thick skin watermelon about 2 cm, but in the whole watermelon in the share of, still is much smaller than the melon crumb. Like pictures of such watermelon have never seen, estimate is unlikely to appear.” XuJinHua told reporters, influence the watermelon thickness is the most important factor to breed, the second is the way and management.
In general, Football Cleats for Sale moderate just a little thick, some large should thinner small. In the present market condition of the most common watermelon in about 1 cm thick, such as an explosion melons, early spring carbuncle belong to skin thinner adidas f50 adizerosoccer cleats discount store
“In the management way in general, the temperature is low in the open, the watermelon skin easily thick, soccer cleats discount store mainly because the pollination of low temperature caused it.” Pollination and temperature control in the management during the day-32 ℃, 25 ℃ at 15 or so is better. A DuoNian planting the experience offered told reporters.
No rush thick swollen agent should efficacy
As for the net friend to worry about whether because the swollen with agent or the chemical drug accelerating ripening agent, XuJinHua said “no”, these drugs without the push thick the effect of watermelon. So, this kind of pictures, that should be the net friend “PS” stories in the income. But the reporter understands, no matter the watermelon thick and thin, and eat up the taste is no different.

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