9 Jul

LiChangKui raped and murdered girl fell dead boy a death penalty case, the trial of the trial and because “surrender” translate SiHuan, recently cause extensive attention of the whole society.
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Have net friend says, “such a heinous guy, how can it SiHuan surrendered for? Why did the Supreme Court in yunnan to his human care, show mercy?” ShengGaoYuan yunnan, vice President of the ZhaoJianSheng, said when the judge to deprive a person’s life, the inevitable to err on the side of caution.
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When the public opinion and the strict laws were collision, the judge how to control the law through the fork road is worth watching, but how public rational view the final results, know the law is intended to some lessons.
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The same is the death penalty, social harm, will differentiate between different. The Supreme Court requirements, because of the folk contradiction, marriage and family or neighborhood contradiction caused by the dispute case, the death penalty for very cautious. This is the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy “” implemented, it is also the national standing in society, make overall Angle of criminal justice policies. This and the Chinese traditional consciousness of “kill people for a life” idea to have the certain differences. -ZhaoJianSheng
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Kill or don’t kill, court will consider the advice of public opinion, but can’t use this to rule, to be in the state’s criminal policy and law. And our society needs more rational, can in some way of the public to a man to death.
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“The trial of the LiChangKui judgment is seriously prudent, according to procedures, translate all have the facts, law and criminal policy basis.” Yesterday, vice President of the ShengGaoYuan ZhaoJianSheng said, “netizens to put forward objection, the judgment of the concept of the problem, is just kill for a life of the traditional consciousness and modern judicial philosophy, the state’s criminal policy differences of these is open to discussion.”

With two lives LiChangKui of second instance SiHuan sentences in big discussion, cause network ShengGaoYuan says it has to check the case. Yesterday, ShengGaoYuan organization media, LiChangKui case of be-in-touch meeting discussed. Medicine is sentenced to die why home xin LiChangKui SiHuan? Surrender is a “card” from death? Don’t kill whether will open the crime…… The meeting, vice President of the Supreme Court ZhaoJianSheng, vice President of the TianChengYou four court chief judges, torture in the network is zhaolin questioned has responded by and discussed.


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